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Boutiquehotel Stadthalle

The Boutique-Hotel Stadthalle is not only a particular charming hotel in Vienna but also the first urban Zero-Energy-Footprint Hotel in the world. The cosy garden in the hotel's courtyard, the individually furnished rooms and the cordiality of all employees make your stay at our hotel in Vienna a very special one.

Energy consumptionThe new building of the Boutiquehotel Stadthalle Wien is a passive house.

We produce our own electricity with our 94m² photovoltaic system.

With a 130m² solar system we produce our own hot water.

We use a water heat pump for energy extraction and for toilet flushing we use well water.
Energy savingTo save energy, towels and bed sheets are changed according to the guests requests.

During summer and winter we attach speech bubbles to the windows to let guests know that controlled domestic ventilation works better when the windows are closed.

The exhausted warm indoor air supports heat recovery.

The water heat pump with well water generates the majority, about 75 percent, of neccessary energy for the temperature control of our rooms.

With our lavender roof we insulate the garden building so that in summer and winter heat can be absorbed.
Machinery & EquipmentIn the offices we only utilise energy saving machines.

We use refrigerators with energy efficiency AAA.
WaterIn the passive house and in the garden building we use the cold well water after it has been used in the heat pump as well as rain water for toilet flushing.

In summer we additionally use the ice cold water for the cooling of the indoor air.
ChemicalsWe do not use any chemicals.

When cleaning we consider the amount of cleaning products and only use biodegradable cleaning products.

We only use organic fertilizer and spray in our gardens.

The use of chemicals is reduced through the use of microfibre cloths and a specifically tuned system.

Water is vitalised after Grander. That way we could further reduce the consumption of cleaning agents.
Furniture, goods & servicesWe use baskets from recycled newspapers and recycled toilet paper. Also we use recycled fabrics for curtains and seat covers of the brand Returnity by Backhausen.

Each year we search for original green gift ideas for our guests - or make them ourselves!

We only order taxis with hybrid drive.
MaterialsDepending on the offer we choose food according to distance (transport route), quality and seasonality.
PremisesThrough aspirated fresh air we create controlled indoor ventilation.

The fabrics in the rooms of the passive house are produced after the cradle to cradle principle and originate from the series Returnity by Backhausen.
EmissionsWe reduce water waste through restrictors and bubble filters in taps and toilet flushes.

We rent out E-Scooters to our guests so that they can explore the city emission free.
RecyclingWe use loose tea and recyclable napkins.

Our toilet paper is made from recycling fleece.

We invite our guests to support us with the recycling by disposing paper and bottles seperately as well as disposing empty batteries on their room tables upon departure.
Waste managementIn the reception and the kitchen we provide four different rubbish bins. On the chamber maid trolley waste is separated straight away into paper, plastic and glass bottles.

In terms of waste separation we train our employees thoroughly. When starting work employees receive a starter package with recycling guidelines in their mother tongue.

At our buffet we only serve food without packaging - except for Becel Butter and Nutella packages (which are not available otherwise). If possible we use large packaging units to avoid waste. For example, we prefer a certain Austrian cottage cheese of great quality in a big jar over 34 little cups of BIO-Cottage Cheese.

For cleaning we only use eco-friendly products, which arrive as concentrates in buckets.

All suppliers are requested to take package material with them and dispose it correctly.

Hazardous waste is collected separately and gets transported to a special waste disposal site once a month.

In our disposal room we have five different rubbish bins: paper, organic, plastics, metal and non-recyclable waste. All of these bins are getting collected once a week, non-recyclable waste twice a week. Furthermore bottles are collected separately and disposed in a public waste container.

Mister Christian Lauss is appointee of the basic training of our employees and as such also for on-going control. On his suggestion further training is provided through the respective heads of department.
eServicesReservations can be made via our online portal. This way we reduce paper consumption and offer our customers a convenient service.

Our customers can contact us via our website at any time.

Every four months our customers receive a newsletter.
InteractionWith personal feedback or returning questionnaires with suggestions we put high emphasis on our guests' viewpoints.

To ensure broad interaction we use ordinary online media such as homepage, email and social media as well as a 24 hour operating reception.

The satisfaction of our guests as well as our Green Guest Club are our special concerns. You can find valuing comments by guests in forums and on evaluation platforms like HolidayCheck, or TripAdvisor.

Our homepage provides all important and relevant information concerning, for example, prices and facilities.

Via our screen in the lobby we inform our guests about news and interesting facts regarding our hotel.
MarketingWe like to communicate our sustainability actions whenever the press contacts us to find out more. Furthermore we try to draw the attention towards the issue of sustainablity via the Internet and social media such as our blog.

We regularily report about news on sustainable actions. Furthermore our CSR report and additional information are available online.
BeveragesOn our wine menu we only have - with one exception - Viennesse wines from various vintners in order to popularise and promote their excellent quality and to emphasise our regional orientation.

We offer tap water everywhere in the house and provide decanters in the rooms with a note that our tap water is drinkable.

We use 70 Percent returnable glass bottles - just none in our vending machines as the ejection would be too noisy.
Ecological productsWe serve the following Fair Trade products: coffee, orange juice and grapefruit juice.

At our breakfast buffet we only provide organic and local food.

The lavender honey, the various lavender jellies, the lavender syrup as well as soaps and hearts are all from Vienna and Lower Austria.

For our juices we use balm and peppermint from our own production.
Customer groupsOur barrier-free rooms are built in a way that allows everyone - regardless of an actual disability or handicap - to use them.

We offer family rooms for vacations together and children until the age of 12 stay with us for free during summer vacations.

Regulars and loyal guests are a very sustainable issue for us. Therefore every guest who books a second time with us gets 10 Percent off as a regular bonus.

As a regular customer scheme we have the Green Guest Club, which rewards our guests with green bonus points. These are redeemable at all services of our hotel.

All guests that arrive by train or bicycle receive 10 Percent green bonus off the room price.

NGO's and environmental organisations receive special rates on room reservations.
Customer servicesOur website is available in German, English and five other languages (Italian, Spanish, French, Hungarian and Czech).

Our guests can cancel their booking free of charge up until two days prior to arrival.

Various evaluation portals serve as indications of our service and performance quality.

We have our own bicycle garage with E-Bike charging stations for our customers.

Our guests can access our WiFi free of charge.
Quality & SafetyFor the safety of our guests we employ a night service and lock our hotel at nighttime.

Through our quality management, which was introduced in July 2010, processes are exactly controlled and facilitate working and working together. Better service quality, work efficiency and stress free work are qualities we could gain from this.
Employee benefitsEvery day the whole team, if available, gets together at 10.30 to have breakfast togehter. This is part of the work time, of course.

Our employees receive our products at cost value. Furthermore we offer our personnel stays with our partner hotels at a favourable employee price.

We pay for all seminars of our employees and offer those actively.

In January 2012 we treated the whole team to a weekend at a 5 Star Hotel to say thank you for the successful year of 2011.
EmploymentWe offer mainly full time positions. Furthermore we offer the opportunity of a part time position for career break returners.

10 out of our 33 female employees are mothers, who can combine motherhood and career thanks to our family friendly services. In our departments teams can have their say when the work schedule is created. The fulillment of our employees' work schedule requests is of great importance to us.

We provide service contracts for workers and employees.

Our employees have the possibility to access our Intranet for internal communications via their telecommuting work place.

We give two days off per week and advise all employees to consume their total annual holidays. We consider individual work schedule requests as much as 90 percent.

Equal opportunity and diversity are fixed components within our corporate culture.

In our business equality between men and women - and certainly between their wages - goes without saying.

We employ 37 employees from 15 countries who work together harmoniously. It is our goal to create a multi-cultural environment, which in the end benefits everyone and makes work a greater pleasure.

We provide training opportunities for young people and elderly people until retirement and beyond.

To keep employees in times of crisis we would firstly reduce overtime and utilise holidays and then switch to short-time work.

On a daily base we hold a 30 minutes workforce breakfast that strenghtens personal relationships and offers the opportunity to talk about improvements.
SalaryWe have defined minimum wages for every department of our business and adopt them.

High performance by our employees is rewarded through a revenue bonus system.

Overtime work can be compensated through comp time.
Leisure-time exerciseEmployees get the opportunity to participate in a women's run. Sporting motivation is being supported.
Monitoring occupational welfareWe organise first aid training courses for our employees.

We prevent work accidents through continous evaluation, the employment of a safety representative and on-going trainings.
Occupational health serviceAs food supplements our employees receive high-quality vitamins.

Work places are equipped with especially ergonomical chairs.

Through our quality management, which was introduced in July 2010, processes are exactly controlled and facilitate working and working together. Better service quality, work efficiency and stress free work are qualities we could gain from this.
Influencing at workWith the hotel kit we have an internal information and communication tool which fosters transparent communication very much.

For every employee there is a contact person that helps and supports.

Every employee can provide ideas or make suggestions at any time.

The style of leadership is oriented towards fostering employees' motivation.
TrainingWe offer training for all ages, which are willingly accepted.

Employees get trained in the areas of leadership, teamplayer and communications.

We provide feedback on a regular base regarding the employees' work performance through annual staff appraisals, monthly department meetings and strong personal contact. We also try to support in private problems.

In some cases employees can work in job rotation.

All vacant positions primarily get advertised internally before they are filled externally.

On-going training courses of various topics matter to us. For example, when starting work our employees receive a starter package that provides guidelines regarding recycling in the employee's first language.
EmploymentOnce every year students of the ICHM module manage our hotel independently.
CharityFrom all guests that do not stay with us we request a donation of 5 Euro per person for guided tours. The full amount is donated to environmental projects of the WWF or to a social project.
ReportingWe were happy to receive several awards in the past years.

On 3rd May 2012 we received the new 'klima.aktiv' certificate for hotel buildings in GOLD.

On 2nd March 2012 we gained the Green Brands Certificate.

In January 2012 we received the Holidaycheck Award which makes us to one of the 99 most popular hotels world wide.

In September 2011 we got the international Skal Award.

On 5th July 2011 we became a Climate Alliance organisation.

On 10th April 2011 Michaela Reitterer received the ÖGZ Sterne Award as part of the trade fair Hotel & Gast (hotel & guest).

On 8th November 2010 environment minister Niki Berlakovich gave us the Austrian Climate Protection Prize 2010 in the category of agriculture and business.

On 6th October 2010 Michaela Reitterer received the Blue Hotel Award from the Hotel Forum in Munich.

On 4th October 2010 we won the HOGAST Internet Award.

On 20th May 2010 Michaela Reitterer was awarded Hoteliére of the Year 2010 by Hotel & Touristik.

Life minister Niki Berlakovich awarded us as climate active partner for innovative ideas regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions.

On 4th December 2009 we became the first Zero-Energy-Footprint-Hotel and were awarded with the ÖGUT Environment Prize in the category of the Monika-Polster Speical Prize for corporate environmental protection (SME).

Michaela Reitterer and our team at Boutiquehotel Stadthalle received the Austrian State Prize of Tourism on 19th November 2009.

2009 we also received the environmental prize of the City of Vienna.